Achieving public, private sector goals: Sherry for addressing climate change impact -News

Achieving public, private sector goals: Sherry for addressing climate change impact -News-SDPI

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Achieving public, private sector goals: Sherry for addressing climate change impact

ISLAMABAD: Senator Sherry Rehman emphasized the urgency of addressing climate change and its profound impact on Pakistan's capacity to achieve both public and private sector goals.

"Senator Sherry Rehman, vice president of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), inaugurated the First Sustainability Investment Expo 2023 as the chief guest and delivered the keynote speech. The event served as a nexus for meaningful interactions between investors, innovators, thought leaders, entrepreneurs and industry experts, fostering collaboration and partnerships for sustainability.

Speaking at the event, Senator Sherry Rehman said Pakistan's vulnerability is very high and is multiplied by climate change. "Pakistan is projected to be water-scarce by 2025, yet I don't see anyone concerned," she said.

According to the World Bank, she said Pakistan needs $348 billion for sustainable development until 2030; on the other hand, there is a 16.1 percent GDP financing gap, which is huge.

She said it is essential to track goals, investors, ideas and development to ensure effective progress towards sustainability. "Collaboration among societies, businesses and nations is crucial for tackling climate change and achieving sustainable development goals," she said. Senator Sherry Rehman commended companies investing in sectors related to food and water security, underscoring the potential for responsible investors to create a sustainable market opportunity and green jobs.

The Senator highlighted the significance of a transparent and accountable governance environment, especially in the context of Pakistan's vulnerability to climate stress. "I would suggest the creation of Pakistan's public-private forum for sustainable investments for coordination, innovation, and bridging gaps. I would also encourage the private sector and think tanks to take the lead in establishing frameworks that incentivize SDG investments," she said.

Senator Sherry Rehman said the Expo is a pivotal platform for driving sustainable progress and responsible investment, aligning with global goals and fostering a new era of environmentally conscious business practices. "I appreciate the companies participating in the expo and hope attendees will leave with actionable ideas to contribute to sustainable development," Senator Sherry Rehman said.

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