The use of Evidence is of critical importance, and this is essentially an era of Evidence based research and Evidence based policy design as nearly all research calls demand aggregating and commissioning evidence; Evidence based analysis and generation of impact and outcomes. In this regard, Dr Fareeha Armughan, Research Fellow, SDPI took the initiative of establishment of a Centre of Evidence at SDPI with the support of senior management. The formal launch of "Centre of Evidence Action Research" took place on Dec 08, 2021 at a plenary session of SDC 2021.

The center of Evidence at SDPI that will generate the Evidence deliverables under a holistic framework in the core areas of, Financial Inclusion, Education, Social protection, Health, Governance and institution, public policy, Gender. Some of the outputs will be:

  • Evidence Pod Cast
  • Evidence- Policy Cast (Interviewing policy makers in terms of Evidence use in policy)
  • Evidence Case Studies of Pakistan (which are entirely missing for Pakistan)
  • Evidence Training Workshop: for researchers, policy makers:
  • Blogs and articles (on multiple topics)
  • SDPI-Viz Hub: Evidence Info-graphs and Data sets
  • Evidence Research: Impact Evaluation, Meta-analysis etc.


Aim: The centre aims at bridging the evidence gaps in policy making; promoting the evidence-based policy design and building a network/alliance for generating evidence


  1. Evidence and Research
  2. Capacity Building
  3. Advocacy and Outreach

Team Members

Fareeha Armughan
Research Fellow
Nudrat Fatima
Research Associate

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Op-ed section

SDPI’s Core Training Areas

  • Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning (MEAL)
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods
  • Planning Appraisal and Execution
  • Community Mobilization and Social Change Management
  • Women Entrepreneurship and Leadership
  • Digital and Financial Literacy
  • Community Development for Behavioural Change Impact
  • Monitoring and evaluation of development projects
  • Project Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation
  • Institutional Leadership Development
  • Teaching and Pedagogical Skills
  • Gender and Development
  • Gender and Social Protection
  • Ecofeminism and Natural Resource Management (NRM)
  • Human Resource Development
  • Inter-personal Communications
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Climate Compatible Development (Infrastructure and Agriculture)
  • Food Security and Water management
  • Conflict Resolution and Community Resilience
  • Social, Environmental, and Economic Policy Framework
  • Project Management
  • Writing Skills
  • Organizational culture and development
  • Communication and Networking
  • Leadership and teambuilding
  • Critical Thinking



SDPI Executive Education

Dr. Fareeha Armughan, Lead of the centre, is part of FACULTY of Evidence-Based Program Design

• CERP Executive Education by Faculty including industry leaders and experts in the field.
• Presented in collaboration with the CLEAR Initiative and Evidence for Policy Design (EPoD), at Harvard Kennedy School, the workshop provides participants with the technical tools required to apply a structured and highly practical approach to Programme design and implementation.