China Pakistan Economic Corridor (PB - 48)

China Pakistan Economic Corridor (PB - 48)

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  • Tuesday | 02 Feb, 2016
  • Shakeel Ahmed Ramay
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Shakeel Ahmad Ramay

Sustainable growth and development in China during the last four decades has assigned the country a special status in the world economy.  The financial crisis of 2007-08 not only strengthened the Chinese economy  but  also  enhanced  its  role and  say  in global governance. Though China has started re- defining its role in the 1990s, war on terror gave it an ample time to think and devise its strategies in accordance with the new world scenario. During this period when the world was engaged in war on terror  and  was  hit  by financial crises,  China  in- creased its trade and international recognition, revisited its old relations, and ventured in new partnerships and friendships. President Xi Jinping for the first time raised the slogan of constructive engagements across the world.

South Asia, being the neighbour of China, has a special significance in enhancing the agenda of constructive engagements, which is now evident from the active engagement of Chinese leadership in South Asia. Mr. Xi visited South Asian countries, and  announced  huge  investment  packages  and trade enhancement programmes for them. China has become actively involved in Afghanistan for peace building and development.