Climate Induced Migration Among Women

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  • Friday | 30 Apr, 2021
  • Maryam Shabbir Abbasi, Khansa Naeem, Danish Hasan Ansari
  • Research Reports,Project Publications
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Executive Summary: Climate change impacts women differently. However, there is a less evidence regarding the link between climate change and migration, and the impacts of climate-induced migration on women, especially young girls. The findings presented in this report highlights the drivers of migration and their different impacts based on gender in two districts of Pakistan, i.e. Muzaffargarh and Tharparkar. According to the report, three types of migrations have been observed in both locations: temporary, seasonal, and permanent. Women face hardships when it comes to climate induced migration. Their health is impacted greatly, and they lose their unborn children during migration. They also face issues of harassment and gender-based violence. The girls’ drop-out is higher as compared to boys. Women labourers are hired on very low wages. They also share the added burden of looking after their household chores, fetching water and unpaid agriculture (small landholders/under debt). The report also analyzes the problem trees of both locations, which reveals the underlying causes of migration. The report outlines recommendations on education, water availability, safe shelters, road connectivity, healthcare services, and migration management through cross border cooperation. Another key recommendation is the need for building climate change adaptation of local communities.