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Global Go To Think Tank Index (GGTTI) 2020 launched                    111,75 Think Tanks across the world ranked in different categories.                SDPI is ranked 90th among “Top Think Tanks Worldwide (non-US)”.           SDPI stands 11th among Top Think Tanks in South & South East Asia & the Pacific (excluding India).            SDPI notches 33rd position in “Best New Idea or Paradigm Developed by A Think Tank” category.                SDPI remains 42nd in “Best Quality Assurance and Integrity Policies and Procedure” category.              SDPI stands 49th in “Think Tank to Watch in 2020”.            SDPI gets 52nd position among “Best Independent Think Tanks”.                           SDPI becomes 63rd in “Best Advocacy Campaign” category.                   SDPI secures 60th position in “Best Institutional Collaboration Involving Two or More Think Tanks” category.                       SDPI obtains 64th position in “Best Use of Media (Print & Electronic)” category.               SDPI gains 66th position in “Top Environment Policy Tink Tanks” category.                SDPI achieves 76th position in “Think Tanks With Best External Relations/Public Engagement Program” category.                    SDPI notches 99th position in “Top Social Policy Think Tanks”.            SDPI wins 140th position among “Top Domestic Economic Policy Think Tanks”.               SDPI is placed among special non-ranked category of Think Tanks – “Best Policy and Institutional Response to COVID-19”.                                            Owing to COVID-19 outbreak, SDPI staff is working from home from 9am to 5pm five days a week. All our staff members are available on phone, email and/or any other digital/electronic modes of communication during our usual official hours. You can also find all our work related to COVID-19 in orange entries in our publications section below.    The Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) is pleased to announce its Twenty-third Sustainable Development Conference (SDC) from 14 – 17 December 2020 in Islamabad, Pakistan. The overarching theme of this year’s Conference is Sustainable Development in the Times of COVID-19. Read more…       FOOD SECIRITY DASHBOARD: On 4th Nov, SDPI has shared the first prototype of Food Security Dashboard with Dr Moeed Yousaf, the Special Assistant to Prime Minister on  National Security and Economic Outreach in the presence of stakeholders, including Ministry of National Food Security and Research. Provincial and district authorities attended the event in person or through zoom. The dashboard will help the government monitor and regulate the supply chain of essential food commodities.

One of SDPI’s long serving employee,Abdul Nasir Khan, passed away on March 4th, 2012 due to cardiac arrest

Mar 4

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Nasir Khan, one of SDPI’s senior
staff members and long serving employee, passed away due to a sudden heart
failure on Sunday evening at Islamabad.
He was 42. Nasir was at home when he suffered two consecutive heart attacks.
His family rushed to the hospital but he could not win the battle against the
deadly attacks.

His sudden demise has shocked and saddened SDPI staff members and they rushed
to his home to share the grief of his family and to take part in the funeral
ceremony which was held yesterday. Some could not hold back their tears and
were repeatedly consoled by their friends and colleagues.
SDPI announced official closure on Monday and all the activities of the
Institute were postponed.
SDPI’s flag will also fly at half mast for three days.

Nasir Khan joined SDPI around 14 years ago as a junior staff member. But his
potential, skill, dedication and commitment to the institute and its mission
turned him into an indispensable member of the organization. During his over
one and half decade’s services and association with the Institute, he had been
instrumental in managing, strengthening and enhancing facilities at the MIS and
Publication departments. He had a leading role in developing and launching
SDPI’s new interactive website in the year 2011. Over the years, he had been at
the forefront of various duties and tasks such as organizing SDPI events
including the annual flagship event of the Institute, Sustainable Development
Conferences (SDC), designing and layout of publications and reports including
annual reports and very lately, his technical support in the launch and live
streaming of SDPI’s web-based tv, Sustainable Development TV (SDTV).

“More than being a competent and skilled employee, he was a great human
being and a sincere friend” said Dr Abid Suleri, Executive Director of SDPI.
“He was like a flower and remained a fresh flower for over 14 to all his
colleagues at the Institute” remarked Dr Mahmood A. Khwaja, one of his close
friends and fellow colleagues. “Wherever he moved within SDPI he carried with
him his most refreshing smile and warmth to all he interacted with,’ he added.

He had been contributing
effectively in institutional services by serving in a number of committees such
as the Web Committee, Media Relations Committee, Recruitment Committee,
Purchase Committee and very lately SDPI’s 20th Anniversary
Celebrations Committee (ACC). Nasir, being a staunch believer of employees’
rights and welfare, actively served on the Staff Welfare Committee as well and
was perceived as the determined voice the staff.

“We have not lost just a devoted and professional colleague, but a loyal and
affectionate friend” said a group of his colleagues paying tribute to his work
and personality. He will be greatly missed, forever cherished and always remembered,
was the overwhelming message that came from his existing and former colleagues.

He is survived by his wife and a 14 year old son.

What some of NASIR’s Colleagues

We’ve lost a very decent,
hardworking colleague. It’s difficult to believe he’s here no more. He
has been the backbone of SDPI, a very loyal and dedicated colleague. (Uzma Haroon)

We have lost a great human being,
a true angel! (Atif Raheem)

One of our sweetest of
colleagues. He was like a flower and remained a fresh flower for over 14 years
to all his colleagues at the Institute. Wherever he moved within SDPI carried
with him his most refreshing smile and warmth to all he interacted (Mahmood Khwaja

– He will be remembered for his
dedication to the Institute, his modesty, gentleness, friendliness and respect
for all. (Muhammad Yasin)

– More than being a competent and
skilled employee, he was a great human being and a sincere friend. He was
perfectionist who devoted himself to SDPI. He single handedly managed our Web
page, Networking, publication formatting and printing, designing and lot more.
I could have assigned him any duty and never had to worry about the quality or
deadline of deliverables (Abid Suleri)

– They say in the
"professional world" that everyone is "replaceable"…but
they are wrong. He was and will remain irreplaceable. A warm, wonderful, caring
man.  SDPI family has lost its most precious and dedicated gems (Sarah Saddiq

– He was such a lovely
person.  SDPI will miss him terribly (Villy Guzder)

– His warmth, hospitality, honest
outlook and dependability are among the many things one looks forward to when
returning to SDPI. Last minute work was never too much for him … you really
don’t find gentlemen like him and losing the few we have the privilege of
sharing time with, is that much more painful. (Faisal H. Shaheen)

– He was
the best first face to represent an organization like SDPI. … He was a trusted
comrade and never disappointed anybody. … NO was not in his chemistry. …
Yes, he is not replaceable as positions are filled but you can’t replace a
thorough gentleman
like him (Sajid Kazmi)

He was a gem of a person (Shamil Shams)

– It was impossible
not to like him, both as a person and as a professional. (Zill-e-Ehsan)

He was one of the nicest people in
SDPI. He was such a thorough gentleman and an extremely decent
person. (Kiran Habib)

He was more than just a friend, he
was such a kind person, the most loveable I would say in SDPI…..SDPI has lost
a wonderful asset and we are deprived of such a wonderful friend. (Hafiz Wasim)

You only meet someone of his
stature and character once in a lifetime (Ayesha Salman)

– What
an enormous loss this is, to the family and of course also to SDPI (P. Taylor)

I have yet to recall any person to
whom I missed, may be having such a grand combination of humanly virtues such
as decency, cooperative and fair behavior, thoroughness in
approach and dedication to the profession which he had (N. Hyder)

Without him, the life would
not be the same as it use to be especially in the times when you are
clueless, helpless, at cross-roads and desperately need someone like him
to help, guide and support you. … his incomparable friendship, love, care,
affection as well as professional services to us.  (F. Gorchani)  

– I recall meeting him on several
occasions and each time he impressed me with his dedication and commitment for
SDPI. It is an unbearable loss (Shafqat

He was a fine human being and a
dear colleague (Saba Gul Khattak)

A very sincere friend will always
be remembered.   (A. Aamer)

He was such a
committed, sincere and nice person (Nazima

Sir Nasir’s sudden
passing completely shocked us. How does one say goodbye to not only a kind
supervisor but a brother and a friend? We always found him working hard yet not
letting anyone know the pressure he was under. We learnt form him how to hide
your worries with a smile. When he was in a particularly jovial mood he even
used to sing loudly! And sometimes he would clap after he had finished a
difficult task! He will be forever missed, loved and cherished. Our hearts and
prayers go out to him and his family – may Allah bless him and keep in peace.
We love you sir! Things will not be the same without you!! (Umm-e-Mariya
Shah, Syed Adnan Hassan, Shah Muhammad