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Inclusive Economic Growth

Economy is one of the key pillars of sustainable development and SDPI continues to contribute towards inclusive economic growth and national economic policies and practices through its Economic Growth Unit. As the member of various forums, including Planning Commission’s National Advisory Committee, National Economic Advisory Council, and Ministry of Finance’s Task Force on Strengthening Social Safety Nets, SDPI is playing a prominent role in policy making. In this regard, the role of Economic Growth unit within the institute is well defined. On business side, SDPI is also the part of Pakistan Business Forum and Think Tank Division of Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

The unit mainly conducts hard core research on issues related to economy and also carries out research based advocacy for the welfare of labour, consumer and vulnerable communities with gender lens in order to help address various vertical and horizontal inequalities in the society.

At national level, the research focuses on tax reforms, social safety nets, energy sector reforms, infrastructure financing, and increasing the efficiency of public sector development programme. The unit has produced a number of excellent research studies on investment requirements in the backdrop of climate change. At regional level, the research on economic growth focuses on trade in Central and South Asia, cross-border investment reforms, trade in services, remittances, and migration.

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