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Long Live The King, So Does The Planet

As Great Britain will be marking another birthday of King Charles on 14th November, it is a moment to reflect not just on his life but also on his profound commitment to environmental advocacy, a testament to the vital role of political leadership in addressing the climate crisis. The British High Commission in Pakistan’s event on his majesty’s effort in terms of climate action is worth appreciation. Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) is also striving to bring the debate of environmental sustainability, climate action, renewable energy and climate justice into the political discourse of Pakistan.

King Charles's environmental journey is a pioneering example of royal advocacy influencing global environmental policy. His early adoption of organic farming and sustainable practices at his estates was a precursor to the widespread acceptance of these principles. His persistent efforts demonstrate how consistent leadership can gradually shift public and institutional attitudes towards critical issues like climate change. This approach underscores the need for persistent, informed leadership to guide long-term policy shifts.....

Khalid Waleed
14 Nov,2023

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