National Security Policy Where We Stand

National Security Policy Where We Stand

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  • Tuesday | 23 Jun, 2015
  • Shakeel Ahmed Ramay
  • Policy Review/Analyses
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Shakeel Ahmed Ramay


Terrorism, sectarianism and other forms of violence have hampered the socio- economic development, put at risk the security of citizens and tarnished the image of Pakistan at global level. In the past, absence of a coherent national security policy, lack of working on national security framework and inconsistent actions to attain national security often led to security challenges, if not failures. Formulation of National Internal Security Policy (NISP), activation of National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA), and the promulgation of Protection of Pakistan Act 2014 are some of the vital steps taken to stifle the gruesome issues. This policy brief attempts to review the structure and function of NACTA in the light of NISP and the national security narrative being built to bring all the stakeholders on one page.