Oraganizational Capacity Building Book

Oraganizational Capacity Building Book

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  • Friday | 12 Sep, 2014
  • Asif Saeed Memon, Mome Saleem, Duaa Shabbir Sayed
  • Research Reports,Project Publications
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Asif Saeed Memon, Mome Saleem, Duaa Shabbir Sayed

Recent research undertake by the Think Tank Initiative (TTI) (2014) suggests the demand for the services of policy research organizations is growing. “Both national and international think tanks are seen as high quality sources of information, with quality staff and a good knowledge of the policy-making process. Across all regions (surveyed), think tanks are among the top-rated organizations for providing quality research, along with international agencies and international university-based research institutes”

In this book, the five participating think tanks organization describe in their own words how they went about building their organizational capacity. In addition to taking action, they reflected, documented and collected evidence on how OCB was actually experienced. Having learned so much from  the OCB action research process themselves, the authors very much hope that this publication will be of interest and a valuable resource for a diverse readership.