Ozone Layer Depletion and its Prevention:From Theory to Prevention (W-10)

Ozone Layer Depletion and its Prevention:From Theory to Prevention (W-10)

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  • Saturday | 01 May, 1993
  • Abdul Jabbar, M. Munir Asif
  • Working Papers
  • 27
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This paper attempts to serve a dual purpose. Firstly, it provides background information on the process of stratospheric ozone depletion with the intention to exploit the existing global information on the measures to reduce the use of ozone depleting substances, existing alternatives, the current developments and hence creating a supportive frame work for Pakistan to control the domestic problem. Secondly it provides an overview of the state of ODS in Pakistan i.e. in which industries they are used, problems in the reduction of their use, awareness and efforts to reduce its use in Pakistan.

We are hopeful that this paper will provide necessary information to the policy makers to tackle this problem e.g., by providing alternatives, by enumerating the role of the environment protection agencies, user industries and the government itself to reduce the use of these substances. We are confident that the general public who have a genuine concern over ozone depletion will derive benefit from our effort.