Plastic Waste Use in Road Construction: Viable Waste Management? (PB-81)

Plastic Waste Use in Road Construction: Viable Waste Management? (PB-81)

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  • Monday | 24 Jan, 2022
  • Mahmood A. Khwaja, Sadia Rana
  • Policy Briefs/Papers
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Recently a lot of interest has been taken in waste plastic use, for the first time in a trail one Kilometer Road construction in Islamabad, Pakistan. Waste plastic in road construction has been used, earlier in a few developed and developing countries. Plastic waste is considered a fast emerging & alarming waste management issue worldwide, including Pakistan.

Literature survey/review has indicated several research reports, with regard to assessment of plastic use viability in road construction, in terms of environment protection, public health (including workers), road quality as well its economic feasibility.

According to Ayub et al (2017), the chemicals in waste plastic do not degrade easily in natural environment and more importantly the use of plastic in product delivery services could not be banned due to its comfortability, diverse use and less cost. Bjerkli (2005) and Bailey.R et al (2001) reported waste plastic use in road construction primarily, as an economic phenomenon, with observation during studies that community attitudes, government policies, cost of waste disposal and material scarcity would create market for the consumers. Global literature also identified groups of material from other waste sources (such as waste oil, tires, aggregates, asphalt and bituminous surfaces) that has been used in waste recycling process.........