The History of Private Powerin Pakistan(W-106)

The History of Private Powerin Pakistan(W-106)

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  • Monday | 01 Jan, 2007
  • Fahd Ali, Fatima Beg
  • Working Papers
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Fahd Ali and Fatima Beg

April 2007

The 1994 power policy was highly successful in that it attracted substantial foreign direct investment to Pakistan’s power sector.  However, the policy also generated a great deal of controversy in which the independent power producers were accused of using illegal means to secure lucrative contracts. This paper attempts to present the controversies and issues that surrounded the policy. We conclude that like most policy-making processes in Pakistan, the power policies are designed with little or no input from relevant stakeholders. We suggest that the way forward lies in strengthening electricity regulation in the country, empowering civil society, and restructuring WAPDA, but not necessarily privatizing it in the process.