The Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) is pleased to announce its Twenty-fifth (25th) Sustainable Development Conference (SDC) from 5 - 8 December 2022 in Islamabad, Pakistan. The overarching theme of the Silver Jubilee Conference is Sustainable Development in Unusual Times: Building Forward Better.

SDC 2022 Overarching Theme

The theme of 25th SDC is Sustainable Development in Unusual Times: Building Forward Better. After the COVID-19 Pandemic, it was expected that the world will be in a state of ‘New Normal’, however, a plethora of crises has become a hallmark of that new normal. These crises can be best described as ‘triple C crises’, i.e.,

· Conflict (within and across borders)

· Climate Change; and, the

· Consequences of COVID-19.

The cumulative effect of these crises has led to multi-decade high inflation, recession, and food and fuel predicaments. Although the world escaped a recession during the Pandemic, economic slowdown left scarring effects on low- and middle-income countries.

Post-Pandemic, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, political turmoil in m ........

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Dates to Remember

    Deadline for abstracts: 15 September 2022

    Research Poster Submission: Friday 28 October 2022

    Deadline for papers: 1 November 2022


    Deadline for PowerPoint Presentations: 15 November 2022

    Deadline for Recorded Videos: 15 November 2022 

    25th SDC: 5 – 8 December 2022