Future of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs): Perspectives from Pakistan (W-129)

Future of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs): Perspectives from Pakistan (W-129)

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  • Friday | 30 Nov, 2012
  • Vaqar Ahmed
  • Working Papers
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Andrew Doolan & Vaqar Ahmed November 2012


What does the fast approaching deadline for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) mean for Pakistan? What are the options for the post-2015 development agenda? What does the literature tell us about the best possible alternatives and how can we get there? This policy brief tries to touch upon a couple of such questions and provides a way forward on the discourse on global development agenda. At the end of 2015 the MDGs will need a revision and we have yet to agree on refining or replacing them. Some people argue that the MDGs have not finished their work and should continue with MDGs 2nd Phase, or even just extending the deadline by a few more years. Others are arguing for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as an intellectual extension for the MDGs and to be used as a new idea in the development of all countries in the world. Though, there is a problem with advocating for the SDGs, they have yet to define their aims. So what exactly will the world be agreeing upon if they adopt the SDGs? Will that imply another alignment of national and sub-national budgets in line with SDGs (like the way we did for MDGs). One also needs to see the capacity issue which the MDGs are faced with. The capacity for the achievement of some indicators continues to remain weak. The demand side of reforms i.e. having a vibrant civil society that has a pull factor on reforms also remains weak at least in this part of the world.