Ahmad Salim Resource Centre (ASRC) serves as an information base for multi-disciplinary research at the institute for general public, students, academia and the research scholars in the country and abroad. The center with 35,000 quality books, journals/Magazines and other documents is one of the biggest information resources in the entire development sector in Pakistan.

In addition digital files as well as online resources in the areas of development, environment, economic growth, education, gender, social sector agriculture and today hot topics like CPEC are available. There is an exclusive section for government data publications.

The Library facilitates local, regional and international journals and periodicals to subscribe/purchase to its publications. It receives more than 110 serials, including journals, periodicals, newsletters and weekly newspapers. Additional resources are available through Inter-Library Loan Programme and Publication Exchange Programme.

ASRC strives to provide information and knowledge to facilitate research and development on sustainable development issues in Pakistan. It has grown over the years evolving into an effective coherent mechanism of acquisition, processing, organization, creation and dissemination of information. It undertakes the following tasks:

  • Select and acquire appropriate resource/research information
  • Organise electronically the research information for easy access and use
  • Advise and assist people in searching through relevant databases
  • Information dissemination through publications such as periodicals/E-newsletters, books, papers, etc.
  • Network with libraries and information/documentation centers


E/Digital/Smart Library


To facilitate the academia and development sector in Pakistan, SDPI knowledge bank is going online. Now, the library can be accessed for downloading and retrieving research on different themes from across the world through subscription and registration. We are in process for Library portal (OPAC)


In order to enhance an access to information, the ASRC knowledge bank networks with national and regional thematically coherent organizations. The ASRC’s “Publication Exchange Program” has a fraternity of 100 organizations/Universities. Under this programme, SDPI publications are exchanged with books and other materials published by the partner organizations. The ASRC has a formal Inter-Library Loan arrangement with Pakistani libraries in Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore.

Besides, ASRC facilitates access to various databases (e.g. HEC Digital Library, got VPN from Comsats Library databases as well as E-Library Punjab, World Bank) and online journals, enabling the researchers to consult and compare their work with that of contemporary researchers of their relevant fields.

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SDPI Executive Education

Dr. Fareeha Armughan, Lead of the centre, is part of FACULTY of Evidence-Based Program Design

• CERP Executive Education by Faculty including industry leaders and experts in the field.
• Presented in collaboration with the CLEAR Initiative and Evidence for Policy Design (EPoD), at Harvard Kennedy School, the workshop provides participants with the technical tools required to apply a structured and highly practical approach to Programme design and implementation.