event details - High Level Symposium on Renewable Energy Collaboration under CPEC: A Diplomatic Discourse


Introduction Since 2019, the energy sector of Pakistan has observed a profound shift in its policies directed towards renewable energy, including ARE Policy 2019, IGCEP 2022-31, National Electricity Policy, Updated NDCs, and other initiatives such as 10,000 MW fast track solar PV etc. However, the “Power sector” continues to struggle due to changing discourse, policy inconsistencies, and inability to mobilize necessary finance to support RE development. In the meanwhile, Pakistan also ranks as the eight most vulnerable country to climate change. Remarkably, China, also grappling with

similar climatic vulnerabilities, has bolstered its commitment to renewable energy investments, averaging nearly USD 250 billion annually from 2021-2023 . This presents Pakistan with an opportune moment to embark on an energy sector transformation under the auspices of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The CPEC stands as a pivotal venture within the broader framework of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), seeking to bolster economic connectivity and development between China and Pakistan. However, while CPEC holds immense promise for economic growth, it concurrently presents some complex transboundary environmental challenges that necessitate comprehensive international cooperation and green diplomatic strategies. As renewable energy gains prominence as a key solution to address climate change and energy security, the need for effective diplomatic collaboration within the CPEC framework becomes evident. While significant milestones have already been achieved in Pakistan’s energy sector under CPEC, there is also a need to identify and leverage opportunities for engaging the Chinese private sector in the renewable energy space, unlocking mutually beneficial outcomes.

Scope and Objectives

In the light of the opportunities and challenges highlighted above, this symposium aims to convene Pakistani and Chinese experts, diplomats, industry leaders, and researchers to delve into the strategic role of diplomacy in fostering renewable energy projects within and beyond the CPEC framework. Key Objectives of the discussion include:

Symposium Format

The symposium will be conducted in a hybrid manner, consisting of two Panel discussions as mentioned below: 

Session 1: Panel Discussion on “Charting Diplomatic Courses for Renewable Energy Development under CPEC” ·

Session 2: Panel Discussion on “From Vision to Reality: Private Sector

Partnerships Fueling Renewable Energy - China and Pakistan”. Contact For any further information,

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Mr. Ubaid ur Rehman Zia,

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