Inception Report- CKNP

Inception Report- CKNP

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  • Wednesday | 23 Apr, 2014
  • Research Reports,Project Publications
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Executive Summary

The inception report provides a contextual overview of the key climate change issues threatening the environment and ecosystem of the CKNP region. The report is based on the review of literature covering prior studies carried out by different organisation in and outside the CKNP region; preliminary field visit conducted by a team of environmentalists of SDPI; and an inception workshop attended by experts from various organizations having common interest on the issue of climate change. The inception report is designed to outline research methodologies and analytical tools and presents a review of the preliminary study undertaken by a team from SDPI to comprehend the extent of climate change effects on the socioeconomic sector in the CKNP region.

This report primarily comprises the contracted deliverables stated in the Terms of Reference for the project. A comprehensive project programme and confirmation of methodological approaches are provided in the report to be pursued by the UNEP-CKNP-SDPI team. The
report also outlines details of the Inception Mission to be executed as part of the project. The inception report encompasses the following activities related to the proposed project:
i. A work-plan/statement of work.
ii. A detailed schedule of work and project execution methodology.
iii. Project budget details.
iv. The professional expertise of the staff detailed for the project execution along with their roles and responsibilities.
v. A brief on all appropriate tools and techniques to be used for conducting the study in the local context given the important physical characteristics of the CKNP region such as topography and large size of the area.
vi. The report inter alia indicates the expected variance in the work plan that may pop up owing to differences between actual conditions and what has been anticipated.
vii. Recommended modifications are also suggested in line with the Terms of Reference to improve the utility of the work output.

This inception report is supplemented with the description of the strategically important aspects of the study. The report is based on the Work Package methodological approach which encompasses a comprehensive plan outlining each and every minutia of the work plan. The report also identifies the potential risks, challenges and opportunities that may arise during the execution of the project.