Making Islamabad safe for strays

Making Islamabad safe for strays

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  • Thursday | 20 Jan, 2022
  • 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Online

Peaceful coexistence is the lesson humans are learning at a pace much slower than what is the demand of the times, Climate Change is on example of the costs humans have to pay for their lack of consideration for nature. Street animals have been a major victim of human apathy; ironically in most cases the rational used is that of religion but every religion clearly demand humans to be more responsible toward their environment and be merciful towards every creature of God. The modern world has been readily adopting humane ways to co-exist with the fellow creatures of God. Many a Pakistanis that travel to Turkey come back surprised by the measures the government of a brethren Muslim country take for the welfare and protection of its animals. Last year the Sustainable Development Policy Institute conducted a webinar with animal right activists and based on their recommendations it has compiled some policy recommendations. As a next step, SDPI aspires to bring together the policy makers and the animal rights’ activists to showcase Islamabad as a model city for introducing the idea of ‘community animals’ and ensuring welfare of strays with the help of the city’s administration. There are a few essential questions that we seek responses for in this webinar to reach a concrete solution to the problem and to develop a more workable policy with the help of the district administration

1. TNVR is an established practice to resolve the problem of rabies, aggression and over population, what can be the possible resources for mass-scale implementation of TNVR in the city?

2. How can we address the issue of animal cruelty in our community?

3. What measures can the district administration take to make Islamabad a model city for animal rights? 4. How can the right activist’s community and SDPI help in this regard?

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