Shale Gas Viability and Prospects for Pakistan

Shale Gas Viability and Prospects for Pakistan

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  • Monday | 17 Mar, 2014
  • Engineer Arshad H. Abbasi
  • Research Reports,Project Publications
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Engineer Arshad H. Abbasi

Pakistan is currently in the midst of a grave energy crisis, which threatens the economic and national security of the country. Under the weight of these challenges, the Government seeks a reliable energy supply at an affordable price. Historically, poor energy governance and an unhealthy dependence on imported oil to meet demand exacerbated the crisis. In this scenario, alternate energy resources must be explored, and Shale Gas may be the answer.

Shale rock, which is found in the sedimentary basins, is in abundance in Pakistan, as the sedimentary basin area exceeds the total geographical area, with the sedimentary basin area approximated to be 800100 km2.

Estimates suggest that the Shale oil & gas reserves may even be greater than the collective conventional reserves of all the Central Asian States (see page 84). Pakistan’s sedimentary basin has characteristics favorable for Shale Oil & Gas, shown in the estimates below:

The shale enriched areas poses some unique characteristics that make it competitive for developing shale oil & gas plays.

This report on “Shale Oil & Gas: The Lifeline for Pakistan” highlights the need and importance of developing shale oil and gas resources in Pakistan. The research report has been compiled by utilizing all the available data and has been endorsed by all engineering universities and academia. The expected challenges in exploiting this resource and strategies to minimize the chances of failure have also been discussed in detail. It sketches a complete framework for initiating the exploration process and also highlights the potential to generate economic activity and benefits that can be accrued to thousands of Pakistanis.

Information for Shale Gas Players
The fundamental purpose of this report is to facilitate and guide potential Shale Gas Players on the availability of shale oil & gas resources in Pakistan and other necessary details required for initiating the exploration process. The report provides inclusive information that may be of interest:

  1.     Comprehensive stratigraphy, geology & geochemistry of shale oil & gas reservoirs in Pakistan
  2.     Water availability and estimates of water utilization during exploration process
  3.     Population density in shale enriched areas
  4.     Availability of environment friendly proppant i.e. guar ki phali
  5.     Available gas infrastructure details
  6.     An inclusive framework for initiating the exploration process
  7.     Experiences of major shale gas players in the market & upcoming challenges while developing shale oil & gas plays.

Engineer Arshad H. Abbasi