The Pakistan National Conservation Strategy: A Plan of Action for the 1990s (P-3)

The Pakistan National Conservation Strategy: A Plan of Action for the 1990s (P-3)

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  • Wednesday | 10 Feb, 1993
  • Tariq Banuri
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The Pakistan National Conservation Strategy (NCS), approved the government on March 1, 1992, provides a broad framework for addressing environmental concerns in the country.  The strategy was formulated though a three-year long process of consultation between individuals, groups and organisations representing a broad spectrum of views and interests in the issue.  Because of its consensual nature, it shall enable effective coordination between the actions of federal and provincial governments, NGOs, the private sector, local bodies and local communities in pursuit of sustainable development.

The document placed below presents a plan of action for the implementation of the NCS during the period of the Eighth Five year plan, 1993-98. In addition to a brief overview of the action plan and its evolution, presented in this section, the document includes a background description of the situation on environment and development in the country (Part I), actions already initiated in the government and elsewhere (Part II), and the future plan of action in the areas of institutional development, supportive regulatory and econ0omic incentives, and promoting mass awareness (Part III). A forth component, namely development projects to be undertaken during the Eighth Five Year Plan period, is being circulated separately.  the objectives of the action plan and the project proposals are both to strengthen the initiatives in hand, and complement them with new actions as required in the future.  As in the case of the NCS, these documents represent the firm intention of the government to ensure that the development process henceforward is environmentally sustainable.