Gaps and Challenges in Public Financing of Education in Pakistan

Gaps and Challenges in Public Financing of Education in Pakistan

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  • Wednesday | 21 Dec, 2016
  • Rabia Tabassum, Rana Junaid Zahid, Khadija Saleem
  • Working Papers
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Rabia Tabassum, Junaid Zahid, Khadija Saleem


The study aims to analyse the existing resource allocation to education sector and identify what improvements in the allocation and utilization of resources can be made to enable Pakistan to attain the proposed targets of Sustainable Development Goals in education and to implement the Right to Education Act. Utilizing the data of different education financing indicators, the arguments regarding resource allocation in education sector by federal and provincial governments has been built in this study. Moreover, the effectiveness of allocated resources is also part of the discussion. Since the responsibility of education is devolving down to the districts after adopting Local Government Acts in the Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, district level financing of education by the district government has also been discussed in this paper. This study attempts to highlight various aspects of funds’ utilization and the reasons behind the misallocation of funds within the sector.