National Study on Agriculture Investment in Pakistan (W - 157)

National Study on Agriculture Investment in Pakistan (W - 157)

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  • Monday | 01 Aug, 2016
  • Vaqar Ahmed, Asif Javed
  • Working Papers
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Vaqar Ahmed and Asif Javed


Pakistan is a food insecure and water scarce country. Though, there had been a decrease in ‘extremely food insecure’ population from 22.4% in 2009 to 17.4% in 2013, an overall extent of food insecurity has increased from 48.6% in 2009 to 58% in 2013(Ramay 2014). The Economic Survey 2014-15 reported agriculture’s share in GDP at 21%. The sector also provided employment to 43.5% working age population. During the recent years, agriculture growth rate in Pakistan has remained below the long-term average of 4%.  Key reasons for this subdued growth include: falling global prices for commodities produced in the country, higher cost of production in crop and livestock sectors, slow rate of agro-technology innovation, weak adoption of progressive farming techniques, issues regarding quality and quantity of raw material supplies, weak marketing, trade restrictions in agriculture, pest and livestock disease, slow and inadequate disbursements of agriculture credit (GoP 2015).