Sustainable Development in a Digital Society

Sustainable Development in a Digital Society

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  • Monday | 14 Dec, 2020
  • SDC Anthologies
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Published jointly by SDPI and Sang-e-Meel

To purchase a copy, please contact Ahmed Salim Resource Center at (051)2278134.

Book Blurb: The letter ‘e’ has become a significant addition to how we do business today: whether it is transferring money through e-cash or doing business through e-commerce; paying bills via e-banking; taking online classes sitting at home during COVID-19; accessing services and products through applications (apps) on the smart screens of our digital gadgets; or e-governance, the technological opportunities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution are endless, but so are, the perils. This anthology highlights that South Asia, in general and Pakistan, in particular needs to bridge the digital divide by bringing in communities at the peripheries of development into the cyber sphere. Advances in ICT, machine learning, biotechnology, AI, IoT and their convergence require well-thought, evidence-based hard regulation and soft policy initiatives. This also means a paradigm shift in public policy from a focus on efficiency-based skills to a knowledge-based skills model.